Leftovers are yummy

We were introduced, a friend thought I needed a change from the bad boys I was dating. Most friends thought I was over-correcting (a la HIMYM).

I was sure you were a positive influence, a homebody, well-mannered, well-read, extremely intelligent. In some ways you were a positive influence.

Yet I should have left you when you first castigated me for missing my flight, leaving me crying in a strange airport with nary a friend. When you refused to visit me for fear of catching my flu, when I caught it from visiting you when you were sick. When you quarreled with me and made me feel small about my weight. When you said you weren’t sure if you wanted to get married ever.

I regret the 2 years I spent with you, we were bad for each other and I wished I saw it earlier. I wish you peace and love with someone who suits you better. I also wish that that someone is fat because love shouldn’t be superficial.

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