This is the ed.

It was a whirl wind of crazy. We started on the wrong foot. We started when we had our own lives with someone else. We kept thinking that this ‘wrong foot’ of sorts was to be blamed for every one of the many break ups we faced.

You blamed me for every time you cheated on me. Stating that I forced you to seek solace from someone else. Someone who didn’t even know that we we’re together.

You blamed me for breaking your heart. And that was why you cheated on me. You blamed me for making you loose your mind over me. And that it was you who left me with bruises to work.

I woke up from the fairy tale mindset I kept telling myself would last. We were never meant to be. The cracks you made for us never was mended. Your reasons boarding over the line of excuses were never real.

This is the end.
The end of a never-to-be-us.

i could have been

I had a revelation today.
I could have been very happy today. I could have been very very happy after I came back to Singapore.
But today, you threaten to leave me lonely and needy.
I often tell others – what he can do to his ex, he can do to you. But I’ve gone ahead and have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. I totally fucked up huh?
Today, I am many many things. But most importantly, I could have been happy.