The Moment I Let Myself

This is perhaps not the typical break up story, probably because we were never together.

We were great friends though, and still are. I knew that if I let myself love you, I could. And for a moment in time, I did.

But our friendship was too precious to me to take that chance. I knew if I decided to change the terms, to want more, you never will, because I’m not your type of girl, and you probably never thought of me in that way ever.

I always told myself that we were just really good friends with a unique relationship and things would never change. But things changed the moment I let myself love you.

Perhaps I should never have, and saved myself this pain and sadness. But I finally knew what it felt like to love someone.

We are still friends, but then, we always will be. That, and nothing more.


I ran away from you- again- because we were getting too close. I know that we will never be able to be true lovers. But there was tenderness, fun, chemistry and the feeling that I’ve maybe found the one.

I’m sorry I run away so often- I needed to remind myself we can never be and should never be.