Colour my world with me (?).

Colour my world with me (?).

We can paint the skies blue, the grass green and everything within. I’ll let you. In fact, if you want, you could colour my oceans yellow, my soil blue, skies orange and grass pink.

Actually, that was what you did. You entered my world, painted it whichever way you were pleased with. And decided that they were wrong.

I’ve always held this Perfect idealisation of how the skies could be Perfectly blue with Perfect fluffy white clouds backing a landscape of green grass. You came along and changed it all. I started enjoying every moment of the orange skies with occasional purple streaks, running about on the blue grass with not a single second thought. It could have been labelled ‘havoc’ previously, but I learnt to love everything you did to my world, even though I hated it within myself. You brought me to levels of euphoria that anything could actually be, as long as they were the way we wanted it.

Now you want out, you’re dropping the brushes?

Perhaps you’re sick of how irregular those shades of green were, how mismatched from Perfection. The idealistic Perfection I once adored. What is Perfect? Weren’t you having fun with the brushes, splashing gold and glitter over every canvas frame of my life you came across?

I want you back. It doesn’t matter which colours you choose this time round. Even if they were the cliche blue skies & green grass without a single tinge of excitement, I’ve left it all blank. All for you to colour with me.

Colour my world with me.